Asthma Explorers Club is the place to go for kids who like to play, have fun, and learn more about their Asthma. We also have great information for parents too.

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Staying on top of your asthma can be challenging. What works for you? What helpful tips would you suggest to help someone else be at their breathing best?

“I am 7 years old and I have had asthma for 5 years. I took an asthma medicine that was bad for me, it gave me nightmares and made me feel mad. I don't take that anymore. You have to have your inhaler around all the time. I take a lot of medicine. I have new medicine now and it is better.”

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The Asthma E-Club is not a substitute for consulting with your physician. We can't diagnose or prescribe. We will provide important information on asthma intended to be useful for your family. This may assist you in decisions that can positively affect your life.