Asthma Explorers Club is the place to go for kids who like to play, have fun, and learn more about their Asthma. We also have great information for parents too.

About Us

Our Mission

At Child Dynamics Research and Charitable Foundation, our goal is to create exceptional educational products that are innovative, fun, and memorable. We hope to captivate the heart and motivate the mind.

Child Dynamics Research and Charitable Foundation creates the total solution by creating products that:

  • Educate
  • Target Specific Therapeutic Areas
  • Enhance Coping Skills
  • Will Be Fun and Memorable
  • Address Feelings, Fears, and Expectations

Who We Are

The principal ownership of Child Dynamics Research and Charitable Foundation is comprised of distinguished clinical physicians, talented educators, and business executives:

  • Phillip E. Korenblat, MD
  • Gary S. Rachelefsky, MD
  • Melissa Korenblat-Hanin, ACSW

Desired Outcome

Children will benefit from being able to develop skills and confidence to cope and manage their feelings, fears, and worries while addressing self esteem issues. Education and support programs need to focus on addressing the biological, psychological, and sociological impact on a child. Psychosocial factors need to be addressed effectively in order to have significant and positive outcomes, increased self-worth, and enhanced performance in school.

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The Asthma E-Club is not a substitute for consulting with your physician. We can't diagnose or prescribe. We will provide important information on asthma intended to be useful for your family. This may assist you in decisions that can positively affect your life.